Every continent and nearly every culture throughout history has had a shamanic practice at its heart. The word, “shaman” is Siberian and means “one who knows”. Although they vary greatly from culture to culture, every shamanic practice shares two core aspects: the shamanic trance or journey and the shaman’s relationship with non ordinary reality beings. The trance is usually induced through repetitive monotonous sound. The drum is the most common tool but the rattle, didgeridoo, singing bowl, click sticks, psychoactive plants, song and guided words are regularly used. The non ordinary reality beings vary according to the culture as well as the shamanic practices. Animals, mythological creatures, Gods and goddesses, ancestors and descendants as well as the spirits of rivers, trees, rocks and the elements of fire, earth, air and water are commonly referred to. Many important teachings coming through in this time are from the giant storms and weather elements that have been coming into being on our planet.

The traditional shaman’s role throughout history has been to bring healing, health and balance to the community. This is somewhat different today and has new challenges as healing is needed for individuals, the community and the entire planet. The methods needed are often unique and adapted to each specific situation.

Shamanic healings, ritual and ceremony bring us balance and power. Whether coming for healing services, instruction or to explore your own journey, you will leave with a healthy and deeper connection to the Great Mysteries of the Universe.

These services are just a simplified version of the endless possibilities for assistance and healing. There is nothing rote about this work, as the techniques are as varied as the clients and their individual situations. These services are $80 an hour.  Average session length is 1 hour and 15 mins ($100). All appointments are at my hilltop home.

  • Soul Retrieval,
  • Personalized Transformational Prayers
  • Power Animal Retrieval,
  • Divination and/or Mediumship
  • Compassionate Depossession
  • Healing the spiritual aspect of illness
  • Extraction Healing
  • Curse Unraveling
  • Learning to journey
  • Weather work
  • Creation of personal ritual or ceremony
  • Space clearing: This service is priced according to location and complexity of situation.