Acountability Coaching Services


I am offering a personalized coaching service to help you follow through on the tasks you really want to get done. Twice daily check-ins to keep on target.

How can Accountability Coaching help you?
Get a job
Make a dietary change
Quit a habit
Improve living conditions
Get organized
Follow through on an idea
And more…

In a introductory phone session, we will identify your goal and necessary steps. Then, I will call you at an agreed time each morning to briefly hear what you want to accomplish that day. At the end of the day I will call you again to see how it went, coaching as needed. If you show your commitment by answering all ten calls that week, you will receive back most of your payment for the week!

Give it a try and experience the freedom of completion!

Cost per week, $50
Down payment, $150
Refund if answering all ten calls $100