Would you like to approach what is not working in your life from a new and fresh perspective?

Would you like to feel spiritually awake and closer to your Creator, deepening your religious or spiritual practice?

Would you like to regain and deepen your relationship with Nature and the great abundance and joy offered to us by our beautiful Earth?






Christabel is an important and intricate part of what I call my “healing team.”  There are all types of healing modalities. As an Energy Medicine practitioner, I have been very grateful to be able to confidently refer clients to Christabel who need healing on levels other than what energy medicine can provide.  She and her healing work are an invaluable resource and often an important, additional and necessary part of a client’s healing journey.  From soul retrieval to clearing, Christabel’s work opens hearts and minds and provides gentle, caring healing opportunities.  I can honestly say that there have been many times in the past 15 years in my work that things outside my scope of practice have come up and Christabel has always been there to fill the need on a shamanic level.  I am grateful beyond words for her sweetness, her kind heart, her gifts and her responsiveness.  She is truly my partner in assisting those who seek help to find greater healing.

Diana Warren

LMT, EEM-AP, E4 Healing, Inc.

Christabel has the unique way of healing and teaching at the same time. Going to places that you never want to see normally but with her love and faith helps to go there with no pain, worries, or fear to truly heal. You can trust her to teach with everything she has in her. Christabel answers all questions and you will come out of her class knowing more than you ever thought you would when you leave. Days after class, she really enjoys follow up phone calls with questions or concerns.  She really loves passing her craft and making this world a better place.

Susan Murray