Prayers are a powerful way to manifest change within your life.  The following are a list of highly intentional prayers that when read daily or throughout each day, will help to transmute a difficult circumstance into an opportunity for healing and growth. If there is something more specific you had in mind, I would be happy to speak with you and write a personal one.

Pricing for Prayers is as follows: $5 for one already written, $15 for a custom prayer to be shared, $25 for a custom prayer not to be shared

Prayers for Family and Friends:

  • Create Positive Change for Our Lineage
  • My Teacher
  • Guidance as a Grandparent
  • Calm During Family Turmoil
  • Turmoil of Loving a Husband Even Though He Has Been a Jerk
  • Loved One’s Last Days
  • Sudden Death of a Loved One
  • Loss of a Beloved Pet
  • A Loved One Who is Falling Apart
  • In Gratitude of Your Generosity

Prayers for Life Changes:

  • Guidance and Blessings on My Move
  • Selling Home
  • My Second Home
  • Survive This Financial Event
  • Staying Grounded While Traveling
  • Radiation Treatment
  • Indecision: Guidance for my Next Steps
  • Motivation

Daily Affirmation Prayers:

  • Inspiration to Better Attend to the Small Daily Tasks
  • Morning Prayer for Everyday
  • Make This Day Livable
  • Improve My Eating Habits *See Below*

Prayers for Personal Growth:

  • Get Through This Emotional Crisis
  • Improve the Clarity of My Thinking
  • Remember Who I Truly Am
  • Appreciation of My Sobriety
  • Request Angelic Help and Protection
  • Strength and Courage

Example Prayer:

A Prayer to Improve My Eating Habits

I know what best could be done

I know what beautiful and alive foods I can eat and

What unbeneficial foods I can avoid

And I know what resources to use for support

Yet following my own good sense remains challenging.

The precious gift of this human life is an embodiment,

A Body

I honor the beautiful elements that have come together

In Unity to create this container for my Spirit

The sweet air

The flowing waters

The minerals and mud

The sparking neuron connections

And I know these elements are ultimately Divine energy

Pure Divine Light

A physical manifestation of the Great Love

Present at my birth into this realm

I thank my body for the wonderful experiences

It gives me every day

The song of birds and breezes

The scent of spice, roses and warm, wet earth

The feel of a bunny’s fur

The sight of sky at dusk

The sweetness of a fresh picked berry

And so much, much more…..

I ask for good sense and calm wisdom to be the impetus of my behavior

And I ask for sound judgment and strength to direct my hands to reach for

The right things, the health supporting foods, the refreshing water

And to direct my feet to walk with love and appreciation

In support of this embodiment

And all of its amazing gifts.